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UK Shopfront and Glazing can provide your new entrance with a high quality toughened glass shopfront that incorporates frame-less glass doors to ensure your business has a modern contemporary frontage that allows maximum product exposure.

Our glass shopfronts ooze the style and sophistication associated with many modern businesses which are evident in our installations nationally across retail stores, various showrooms, office buildings, and many other locations. With our vast experience and in-house design service, we can help clients create that bespoke glass shopfront.

Physically stronger and thermally efficient than normal glass, toughened glass is the optimum choice when strength, thermal resistance, and security play a big factor in your new shopfront design. All our toughened glass is manufactured in accordance with British standard BS EN 121500 and a majority of shopfronts are installed using 12mm toughened glass.

All fittings are used to construct the toughened glass shop fronts are made from premium grade stainless steel and each frame-less glass door can be fitted with a variety of rails, different patch fittings an array of finishes such as Chrome or Satin finish with an extensive collection of entrance handles to match.


  • Scratch-resistant properties
  • High-quality product that is visually appealing.
  • Strong against vandalism
  • Council – Friendly as it helps modernize high streets.
  • Increased thermal resistance.

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