A roller shutter can play a vital role in a security plan and here at UK Shopfront and Glazing we are happy to say that we can provide these to commercial and residential premises in any size or nature.

In today’s climate out of hours protection is essential for any business or resident property and with having a roller shutter it acts as deterrent in order to protect the assets contained.

In the past we have supplied shutters to office blocks, retail premises, council buildings, garages and other properties with a extremely high success rate so that you can be rest assured that choosing us is the best choice on every occasion.

Secure and strong out of hours essential protection.

Additional Options

Here at UK shopfront we currently offer our clients three different shutter designs which include:

Solid Lath Security Roller Shutters

This type of shutter is constructed from Solid laths being hinged together providing good security but offer no vision in or out. It can be colour to any RAL colour and can be made to function manually or electrically.

These types of shutters work well in both commercial and residential usage, they are also good for companies that do not want to keep their products on display after hours.

Perforated Design Security Roller Shutters (Most Popular)

Constructed from perforated or pin hole laths hinged together provide good security and offer minimal visibility in and out.

This is beneficial in a sense that you can see behind the shutter and should a hazard occur, the right course of action can be taken.

Punchole Security Roller Shutters (Lattice Brick Design)

Similar in construction to perforated but instead of perforation, the solid laths are punched through with small brick type shapes which allow suitable visibility and security.

Security Grille Design Roller shutters

Our security grille roller shutters providing our clients with excellent exposure when down, provides adequate out of hours security and is the preferred choice for when planning is an issue. The grilles can be finished to any colour and look fantastic when


Our shutters are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and installed by our trained installation teams. We offer a nationwide service and cover the whole of the UK including Wales and Scotland.

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