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UK Shopfront & Glazing LTD automatic door entrances provide customers with the ease of entry and exit to commercial premises, while adding many benefits to business owners including additional security, access control, and uninterrupted operations 

In the modern workplace, automatic sliding doors are a key part of office entrances, hotels, railway stations, retail outlets and many more. We offer a bespoke installation service for all of our automatic doors, including automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors, we take into account all of our clients specifications to make them an automatic door that is unique to their requirements. Some of the features of our systems are:

  • Adaptable and low on-going maintenance costs – excellent long term entrance solution for any business
  • The safety system in place to allow the highest possible protection for all ages with all systems in compliance with BS EN16005 
  • Available in many different styles such as single, swing and bi-parting options.
  • Attractive and cost-effective solution.
  • Durable for all weather conditions and a wide range of applications for all environments.
  • Suited for high traffic environments such as supermarkets where limited space is available.
  • All systems are installed to meet safety standard BS EN16005


Automatic Doors in london

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism

An extremely versatile system which allows an entrance door to slide to either side when the motion sensor is activated. Our range of sliding doors are available to be installed in aluminium or 12mm toughened glass frameless doors. All of our automatic sliding doors can be installed for a number of applications for a building.

Automatic Swing Door Opener Mechanism

This is a system which is operated through the use of automatic swing arms. When affixed to entrance doors it allows the entrance door to swing open when operated. We ensure the system adheres to health and safety requirements. The system is also durable with a modern, contemporary design.

UK Shopfront offers solutions to meet all safety requirements, standards and constantly ever-changing legal legislation. Our Doors and operators continue to satisfy all the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act within a safe environment.

Our range of automatic sliding glass doors and relevant operators are designed not only to offer optimal service but also to seamlessly blend within your building. Many of our automatic door systems have been installed in shop fronts with automatic doors already in place. We can also install automatic doors or a new sliding or swing operated automatic door system in shop fronts with no automatic doors already in place.

Automatic Door Main Advantages

  • Energy saving
  • Hygiene
  • Access control
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Security
  • Styling

Automatic doors help save energy by preserving the temperature of the indoor environment, especially during winter when cold drafts can make office spaces excessively cold. They are also great for hygiene purposes as you wont have customers all touching the same handle or door to enter the premises, this makes automatic doors particularly import places such as hospitals, surgeries, and diagnostics centres.

Automatic Door Features 

The automatic door offers many operating and use methods, including access control through surveying as well as the possibility of surveying and setting transit flows (e.g.: the typical situation of a shop, which, after closing time, allows customers inside to go out while preventing access to new customers). Another big bonus of installing automatic doors in the event of a black-out, the businesses operations are secured by a buffer battery with controlled charging capabilities. 

Automatic Door Security

Automatic doors guarantee protection against potential break ins or intrusions from the outside through an electro-mechanic security door bolt. 

UK Shopfront offers a range of automatic sliding door operators and automatic swing door operators to suit your specific needs 

Why choose UK Shopfront to Transform your Entrance

UK Shopfront  has vast amounts of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing Automatic Doors for small, medium and large businesses. This is aided by our professional in-house manufacturing plants, our team of dedicated professionals and our friendly and efficient installation teams. 

For more information regarding Automatic Doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Swing Doors or any of our other services, then please give us a call on 02085742256 or email

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