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An automatic door entrance is starting to become the norm in many places of business where it provides customers the ease of entry and exit.

In the modern workplace, we can see automatic doors within office entrances, hotels, railway stations, retail outlets and many more. Each automatic door installation we install at UK Shopfront and Glazing is designed with client specifications in mind to serve a certain purpose, some of the standard features of our systems used are as follows:

• Adaptable and low on-going maintenance costs – excellent long term entrance solution for any business
• The safety system in place to allow the highest possible protection for all ages
• Available in many different styles such as single, bi-parting and telescopic options for narrower entrances
• Attractive and cost-effective solution.
• Durable for all weathers and wide range of application for all environments.
• Suited for high traffic environments such as supermarkets where limited space is available.

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Automatic Sliding Door

An extremely versatile system that allows an entrance door to slide either to the left or right when the motion sensor is activated. Our range of sliding doors is available to be installed with aluminum doors or 12mm toughened glass frame-less doors. All of our automatic sliding doors can be implemented to the widest range of application requirements within a building.

Automatic Swing Door Mechanism

This is a system that is operated through the use of automatic swing arms which when affixed to entrance doors it allows the entrance door to swing open when operated. The safety requirements and robust use of these swing door are paramount whilst maintaining clear modern contemporary design lines.

UK Shopfront offers solutions to meet all safety requirements, standards and constantly ever-changing legal legislation. Our Doors and operators continue to satisfy all the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act within a safe environment.

Our range of automatic doors and relevant operators are designed not only to offer optimal service but also to seamlessly blend within your building. All varieties of our automatic door systems have been installed within shopfronts that were designed for automatic doors or in the past we have altered the design of existing shopfronts so that they can accommodate for a new sliding or swing operated automatic door system.

Contact Us today to discuss your entrance options to see which mechanism would suit you best.

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