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Commercial Awnings and Canopies in London

At UK Shopfront, we manufacture our awnings and canopies according to the individual premises where they are installed. We can design, manufacture and install awnings and canopies for domestic and commercial properties.

Our awnings and canopies can be manufactured in a variety of styles and finishes, according to personal taste and individual budget. As they are so versatile, this makes our awnings and canopies an ideal choice to decorate the external area of a number of commercial and domestic properties.

Bespoke Commercial Awnings

As well as the design, all of our awnings and canopies are built according to the specification of the property, to ensure it fits the property and outdoor space perfectly. We can also incorporate branding elements into the product should you wish to market a company or brand.

Installing an awning cover or a door canopy can bring together the exterior of a building. It also alerts passersby and potential customers of your brand, creating a local, visual presence for your company.

Awnings can add value and elegance to any home or business. As well as helping your business to stand out, they are practical. They are waterproof and provide shade, protecting your customers from the sun and rain, which can provide a comfortable place for people to relax, increasing footfall. Our patio canopy and garden awnings are popular with home and business’. They can improve the outdoor area of pubs and restaurants, making them feel more homely and comfortable for customers.

Retractable Canopies

We can supply a number of bespoke awnings and canopies for your home or business. Our electric awnings can be motorised and retractable and can either be manually or automatically operated. All of our high-quality awnings are easy to operate. The manual product is the more affordable option. We can also carry out repairs and maintenance on automated awnings also.

As our awnings are retractable, this means they can be rolled away and stored overnight. This means you can keep your product protected and be open and closed easily and quickly. Whether you require a fixed canopy, dutch canopy or retractable awning, we can create the perfect product for your business.

Improve Commercial Visibility 

Our awnings and canopies are popular in homes and with retail stores, offices and hospitality. At UK Shopfront, we understand the appearance of the external areas of your business is paramount to drawing customers in. Bespoke awnings and canopies which display your company branding and complement the rest of your stores exterior and interior ca draw customers and clients in. Our awnings can boost your business’ visibility in the competitive high street market.


If you would like UK Shopfront’s assistance in adding value and improving the visibility of your commercial or domestic property, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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