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Toughened Glass Shopfronts in London

Glass Shopfronts

The transparency of glass draws natural light into your store. This wave of light means there is less need for internal lighting. 

Besides looking luxurious, crystal clear glass gives viewers an unburdened look at the interior of your store. Making any storefront stand out from others. Your shopfront’s transparency invites passersby to peer into it, leaving a lasting impression. 

Advertising is also easier on a transparent shopfront. Glass makes it easy to grab potential customers attention, and you can constantly promote your products as they are always in view. Ideal for salons, retail shops and showrooms.

Our Glass Shopfronts

From toughened glass shopfronts, to frameless glass shopfronts, we have it all. Our glass products are much more advanced than standard glass, as it contains a high quality fused interlayer. The interlayer prevents the glass from shattering and does not detract from its high transparency. In the event of an impact, the glass will remain attached to the interlayer. As such, the glass will maintain its residual strength. 

If your storefront is in need of glass replacement our reliable developers will restore it swiftly. Providing you with new glass panels  This increased durability will significantly reduce the risk of injury and property damage. As a result, glass can be an ideal material for shop fronts that need to be transparent. 


Toughened Glass Systems with Frameless Glass Doors

Durable Toughened Glass Panels

Toughened glass is highly resistant to corrosion, can withstand harsh weather and minimises damage in case of an accident occurring. This makes it a safe and secure option when considering your shopfront design.

Enhanced Security Features

All toughened glass used in our glass shopfronts and frameless glass doors is manufactured in accordance with BS EN12150. Our most popular glass thickness is 12mm. The way in which toughened glass is manufactured ensures the glass is scratch-resistant and difficult to penetrate, adding an extra security feature to your shopfront.

Visually Appealing and Versatile

Toughened glass shopfronts are visually appealing and come with a range of security features. This makes them a practical option for a wide range of uses. In our vast experience, we have fitted numerous toughened glass shopfronts of different sizes, in hotels, offices, restaurants, retail shops beauty salons, pharmacies, hospitals and more.

Looking for Shopfront Design Expertise?

Contact us now and receive a free expert quote from one of our experienced, customer-friendly operatives. That way, we can determine what type of shopfront is the most suitable for your needs

UK Shopfront and Glazing’s frameless glass shopfronts are a popular choice for offices, retail shops, showrooms and many other prestigious places. Our toughened glass shopfronts portray a modern image of your business to clients and customers.

Frameless glass shopfronts are eye-catching and sleek, creating a chic sophisticated look for your business. Our shopfronts are a valuable marketing asset, in terms of allowing businesses to display their products and services prominently. The toughened glass is completely transparent with no inner profiles, ensuring that the product being displayed is the main focal point. This works particularly well for retailers displaying mannequins, televisions as well as various print campaigns which can be installed behind the glazing panels.

Frameless glass doors from UK Shopfront and Glazing are reliable and robust. Restaurants and other health-related businesses are able to clearly display their hygiene and professionalism ratings for customers to see. All glass shopfronts containing frameless glass doors can be customised, with premium-grade stainless steel patch fittings, multiple doors and bespoke hardware, so that your bespoke entrance stands out for all the right reasons.


These are some of the services and products we provide:

  • Electric Doors
  • Aluminium Doors
  • Double & Single Glazed of various mm
  • Doors Frame
  • Door & Windows operating equipment
  • Door Repairs
  • Glass Doors

Why choose UK Shopfront and Glazing to transform your entrance 

UK Shopfront and Glazing has vast amounts of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing frameless glass shopfronts for clients over all the UK. This is aided by our professional in-house manufacturing plants, our team of dedicated professionals and our friendly and efficient installation teams. We assist you in designing and fitting your bespoke glass frontage, according to your specifications.

For more information regarding glass shopfronts, frameless glass doors, toughened glass or any of our other services, then please give us a call on 02085742256 or email

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