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Solid Roller Shutters in London

Our solid roller shutters are strong and secure. We ensure all our products are installed in line with individual client specifications. All our shutters are built in line with British standards and fitted with high-quality British made parts.

Out of hours protection is essential for any business or residential property. Aluminium roller shutter doors deter potential intruders and theft. Roller shutters are essential when it comes to commercial property security. At UK Shopfront and Glazing, we can provide bespoke, made to measure security shutters for commercial and residential premises, no matter the size or design.

We have a wide range of design of solid shutters. These are popular for businesses who require blanket coverage and security after working hours. We have successfully installed many of these security roller shutters in office blocks, retail premises, council buildings, garages and other properties.

Steel Roller Shutters

At UK Shopfront we guarantee durability, reliability and security, no matter the premises. Rest assured, our solid roller shutters and security doors will prevent intrusion into your property. Below are the features and components which make our solid roller shutters so secure and reliable:

  • Main Shutter Curtain – The roller shutter curtain is constructed from continuously interlocked galvanised solid design steel laths. These are securely held in place by end-locks. The dimensions of each curved steel lath are 75mm, which are finished with galvanised bottom rails, roll-formed into tee or L section types.
  • Guides – Vertical guides fitted on either side of the curtain are formed from rolled or fabricated steel, depending on the size of the roller shutter. These are affixed with suitable metal angles.
  • Endplates – These are prime painted or powder-coated steel plates of appropriate thickness, relative to roller shutter size. The endplates are attached above the guides, to hold the structure into place.
  • Barrel – The barrel is constructed from seamless steel tube of the specified diameter. The barrel resists deflection.
  • Electric or Manual Operation – Solid roller shutters are available as either manual or electrical operation. Manual options are available for smaller shutters, however, many shutters can also be operated using an electric tubular motor, dependent on the size of the roller shutter. All-electric tubular motors are made to pass British safety standards and have incorporated CE and TUV trademarks.
  • Weight – This is dependent on the size and lath configuration the roller shutter is made to. Typically specifications are 30 kg per m².

Other Features

  • Roller shutters can be either operated through the use of an internal rocker switch, an external key switch or remote control units installed with programmed fobs.
  • We can apply powder coating of any RAL colour, which includes over 200 colours, with a gloss or matt finish. This way the solid roller shutters are visually appealing as well as secure.
  • All roller shutters are installed with a manual over-ride function, which can be operated using a winder or a battery backup option.
  • A range of locks including floor locks are available for enhanced security.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch for an initial consultation regarding enhanced security for your commercial or residential premises. UK Shopfront is experienced installers operating throughout the UK, including Scotland and Wales

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