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UK High Street Spending

Despite online spending supposedly outgrowing the UK highstreet, recent studies suggest brick and mortar stores are often the preferred option for consumers, with the majority spending more money in-store rather than online.

Studies show both men and women give in to impulse buying when shopping in-store, much more often than when shopping online. Customer Experience seems to play a major factor in this, with the majority of UK shoppers citing they would spend more time and money in stores which offer up CX (customer experience).

COVID-19 was thought to spell the end for many UK high street stores. However, these studies suggest with a greater investment in CX, including signage, shopfronts and store interiors, shoppers will continue to visit brick and mortar retailers. Many local governments have pledged to invest in ‘shopfront schemes’, which involves contributing to the costs to revamp local shopfronts and stores, in a bid to drive footfall after COVID-19.